I don’t want to skip any steps on my engaged journey. All of the celebrations, the special moments and opportunities to connect with loved ones are a part of my experience. However, I know those moments can be costly, so although not super-involved in the planning of my bachelorette party, I wanted to ensure that it did not break the bank. 

I shared with my Matron of Honor three must-haves to ensure that the celebration was memorable and cost efficient:

Extended travel was not super important for me. 

I knew I wanted to get away from my normal surroundings but it wasn’t necessary to go out of the country or even in a cross country trip. We traveled two hours from home, bonded on the road trip and my MOH secured an amazing rental home with more than enough space for all seven of us. Not to mention we were at the top of the mountain and the scenic view was amazing!

I wanted to “rage” without clubbing.

I am a wine drinker so my idea of a good time includes a corkscrew and a carafe. Each of the bridesmaids brought two bottles of their favorite wine (with no price restrictions) for a fun night of wine tasting — yes, please sign me up! Icing on the cake: Our meals were fantastic and the quality exceeded the cost. Oh and I can’t forget the pop-up dance parties in the car. Rage on.

I had a blast! Photo Credit: Candace Banks

I wanted to do something a little unusual.

I’ve read so many articles about what you are supposed for your bachelorette party. Everything from strippers to scavenger hunts! Though all fun activities, I just knew they really weren’t for me. I’m a Pure Barre fanatic, so rather than pour a lot of money into paying for things that were “traditional,”  I wanted to do one of my favorite things to do with my favorite people. My Matron of Honor planned a Barre-ty for us and we had the entire studio to ourselves! After our 55 minutes of mind-body connection, we raised a cup of rose and toasted to all of the positive vibes from “embracing the shake!”

Pure Barre-ty with my “I Do Crew” Photo Credit: Bri Pennie

It was 72 hours of bliss with my bridesmaids!

How are you celebrating your last fling before the ring?

  • 4/26

    So the bridal shower has been sort of an ongoing issue with my bride tribe and I. To be honest, a shower was never even on my radar as something I would need to worry about. Isn’t that a time when friends and family get together and shower the bride with gifts? Shouldn’t her only job be to show up? Welp, apparently not.

    My MOH is wonderful and I love her dearly. Planning parties is not her thing. If I say, find me someone who rents freezers in Syracuse, she will bring me a list of everything sorted by distance and price. We shop and brainstorm together while taking no prisoners. But apparently she lacks the genetic coding that allows me to say “will you plan the shower?” and for her to reply with” I’ve already booked the venue and have a menu set.” If you caught one of my earlier posts, you’d know what I’m talking about.

    One of the tea cups my mother started hoarding

    Fast forward to now. I’m living in another state and I’m about 300 miles from home. I rallied the other ‘maids to help my MOH with her planning. My sister and another ‘maid have been trying, unsuccessfully, to contact the venue I picked for the shower. The lack of response from the venue was at first manageable. The owner apparently had some sort of family emergency and was unavailable for a while. Since the owner is the one that books all events, my girls were at a standstill to book the venue. A week turned into two week and then well over a month with no phone calls being returned. The girls called a few times and got the same response. Well crap. This is not worth the hassle, back to the drawing board.

    Teapot we got at an antique store

    I have a family friend who has a giant house and hosts parties all the time. I had hesitated to ask her if she could host the shower, 1) because she can be a bit overwhelming at times, 2) she and my MOH do not get along, at all, and 3) I didn’t want her going wildly over the top with this, something that has happened before. But, desperate last minute times call for last minute measures. I casually texted her about something completely unrelated and mentioned that we were looking for venue suggestions if she knew any. Not an outlandish question, she’s well connected and party planning is her jam. She responded with the expected response of “you can have it here.” I’ll admit I was very relieved. Anything that she gets her teeth into will be beautiful and go off without a hitch. Problems? Welp, my sister has this vision of what she wants for my shower. I asked for a tea party. Little sandwiches, hats, tea, the whole pinkies up extravaganza. (Not to be confused with Alice and Wonderland).

    My sister has been roaming the country and city side in search of antique tea items. She hopes to use them for centerpieces since buying 40 for everyone to drink out of is a bit insane. She asked my mother to help with tea-item acquiring and my mom has gone a little insane hunting down tea cups. Some of them are really stunning though and I plan on running away with them afterwards.

    Sale at Michaels on tea party items

    So, we now have a date, time and location. My sister is working with the friend and together they can hopefully create something awesome. Spoiler alert: I don’t really care what the party looks like. I’d just like to hang out with an awesome pack of ladies and drink tea in our fancy hats. I have a small army of cute hats that I’m currently debating which to wear. If only all my decisions were this difficult.  

    What about you? Are you experiencing unexpected twists and turns when it comes to the shower?

  • 4/24

    I will fully admit that I used to judge brides who claimed they were "sooooo stressed over wedding planning." Just as I've been forced to admit over the past seven years that I truly know nothing about parenting, I'm now eating my words about wedding planning. I got lucky in the fact that the venue comes with a built-in planner who will help me plan…

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  • 4/19

    Honeymoon Vibes shirt available from Etsy seller TheDailyTay Hello, it's me ... that Broke-Ass Bride who has been MIA for a bit. Life has been nuts! But let's not dwell on that; let's talk about fun, happy things ... like a honeymoon with your new husband. Russel and I both love to travel. He's spent time in Europe and Colombia among other places, and I just…

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    Print available from Etsy seller WishfulPrinting The biggest expense at any wedding are the guests. They are the consumers, so the more guests you have, the more expensive your reception will be (in theory, I'm sure someone can prove me wrong about that). We are opting to have a buffet dinner at our reception and we figured to keep costs down, we need less mouths…

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    Work has calmed down a bit in the last few weeks, so Ev and I have started putting some official wedding prep in motion. I managed to wrangle everyone's address, and after entirely too much obsessing, I picked out an invitation I liked and customized it. We are just waiting on our engagement photos to come back so we can post them up on our…

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  • 4/12

    Modern RSVP card available from Etsy seller EmmyPaperie Every wedding planning book, blog, article advises that you should set your RSVP date for one month before the wedding. It seems to be a logical request. Most important vendor deadlines require that you confirm your final head count at least one month before the wedding. Let's re-read that last sentence, "at least one month before the…

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