Affiliate Disclaimer NewBHLDN Tie Bar Collection
BHLDN Gift Sets, $50 – In Dot or Solid (Comes with a tie, tie bar and pocket square)

Dudes! Have you heard about the new collab between BHLDN and The Tie Bar? For those who may not know, BHLDN is the wedding collection by Anthropologie. They’re pretty major in the bridal scene (obvs your fiancée has read about them here, here and here) and it looks like they’re spreading their lacy wings into grooms attire. We’re also huge fans of The Tie Bar and their crazy assortment of suiting accessories — we talk about them quite a bit, too.

So, of course, we’re loving that two of our fave brands are coming together.

If you want to pick up some BHLDN items, you’ll want to act fast. They’re already sold out of the blush pink collections and we’re betting the rest won’t last for long. Here’s hoping they’ll get stocked up soon.

The Tie Bar BHLDN Pink
BHLDN Gift Set in Solid Blush Pink, $50 (Hopefully returning soon!)

Also, if you’re not following The Tie Bar on Instagram, it’s a damn shame. They offer up pairings that are the perfect remedy for your sartorial routine.
The Tie Bar Floral Combo
The Tie Bar Socks Combo
The Tie Bar Aqua Combo
The Tie Bar Lapel Pin Combo

Go follow them now! And don’t forget to tag us (and me!) with all your stylish inspirations!

  • 3/23

    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    Hi BABs!  This week’s request comes from reader Randi, who is in love with a Carol Hannah gown:

    “I love your Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! posts… And your book. If I could climb a mountain (Hard to find in New Jersey…) and sing its praises, I would, but for now I’ve been recommending it to all my newly engaged broke-ass friends.
    I recently fell in love with Carol Hannah’s Coralia dress. Like…true, deep, everlasting love. But her prices are way, way out of budget. I’m hoping to spend $500 or less – not $5,000!
    If you could please consider doing one of your Can’t Afford It? posts on that, I would be enternally grateful.

    This gorgeous gown has horizontal bands going under the bust of this empire waist gown and around the back, open sides and back, deep V front, and a full ballgown skirt. The skirt almost has a crochet texture, but still maintains a soft flowing look when moving, not weighed down. I’ll focus my search on the V front, empire waist and open backs with strappy details. Let’s see the roundup!

    Can't Afford It

    Carol Hannah's coralia gown

    Coralia; Siren Call, fall 2016 collection; by Carol Hannah

    Get Over It

    Lulus - Carte Blanche White Maxi Dress 112

    Carte Blanche White Maxi Dress; $112 at LuLus’s

    Etsy seller RenzRags - 2017 off white chiffon dress 299

    2017 Off white chiffon dress; $299 by Etsy seller RenzRags (back of dress pictured)

    Etsy seller LaceBridal - Sexy style wedding dress with chiffon skirt v neck and simple straps back 249

    Sexy style wedding dress with chiffon skirt, V neck, and simple straps back; $249 by Etsy seller LaceBridal

    Amazon OLadyDress - Pleated V-neck Backless Chapel Train Beach Wedding Dress 130

    Pleated V-neck Backless Chapel Train Beach Wedding Dress; $130 by OLadyDress on Amazon

    Etsy seller RenzRags - 2017 Champagne Bridesmaid dress, Long Wedding dress 279

    2017 Champagne Bridesmaid dress, Long Wedding dress; $279 by Etsy seller RenzRags

    Davids Bridal - WG3819 - 449

    Lace halter wedding dress; $449 at David’s Bridal

    Nordstrom - Alyce Illusion VNeck Pleat Tulle Gown 310

    ‘Alyce’ Illusion V-Neck Pleat Tulle Gown; $310 at Nordstrom

    Lord and Taylor - BCBGMAXAZRIA Andi Lace Dress 398

    Andi Lace Dress; $398 by BCBGMAXAZRIA at Lord & Taylor

    I hope we found something to satisfy your craving for a lovely deep V neck empire waist gown. What do you think, Randi?

    Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you. Please be aware, though, that because you guys love this column so much, we can often build up quite the queue and it may be a while before we can get to your dream dress. Rest assured, though, Team Broke-Ass is on the case!

    *As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.

  • 3/22

    jewelry bargain feature image

    Buying the ring for that first question -- that all-important question that gets couples started down the road on their next chapter together -- tends to come with a lot of pressure. What style? What size? And especially, how damn much will this cost? It's that last question that can really send any broke-ass couple into a tailspin -- especially when you start hearing things…

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    Etsy MeganPadovanoDesigns Whole Lotta Nope Mug

    Coffee Mug available from Etsy seller MeganPadovanoDesigns We made all the big decisions within the first month of planning and everyone had advice for us. I say this with love from the bottom of my heart: I didn't care what anyone said. From the "enjoy planning" to the "you need to do this first," I ignored everyone. I didn't want their advice. Guidance about how…

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    I want to talk about our wedding party. There seem to be a lot of traditions and rules in North American/European anglophone culture surrounding bridesmaids and groomsmen that there is heavy pressure to follow. I imagine that if you have been reading my posts thus far, you probably know how I feel about arbitrary rules, especially if they are outdated, rooted in sexism or classism and/or…

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  • 3/17

    organized wedding

    Raise your hand if you're a disorganized hot mess most of the time ... yep, me too! Now where are my Type A friends who get anxiety when someone even touches something on your desk? There's news for you, too. No matter where you fall on the messy-organized spectrum, putting together an orderly, executable system for wedding day set up is going to save you a lot…

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    Real Bride Ciji.Honeymoon

    Paradise, a place of timeless harmony. Yes, sign me up! That's exactly what I need after months of planning and a day of the best case of sensory overload that I anticipate I will ever feel. We just don't want to invest a TON of money into an amplified vacation, better known as our honeymoon. With that in mind, Travis and I sat down and mapped…

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    Well, Chris, the girls and I went to our first bridal show, and it was certainly an experience. We're still in the having- a-tentative-date-but-nothing-actually-planned phase, which is not my favorite place to be as a chronic planner. The bridal show was held at a big conference center in a town not too far from us, so we loaded up the girls and headed down. I…

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  • 3/13

    Erica Kristen and I

    The four in the middle:  planner/doer, her fiance, me and my MOH When it comes time to pick your ladies to stand by you, take into consideration their particular skill sets before you ask them. I have an overwhelming six bridesmaids. I have one that is a doer and a planner. There’s an artsy one, one with a green thumb, a miniature one whose mom…

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