Affiliate Disclaimer NewIf you’re anything like me, you’ve been mad crushing on all the gorgeous agate and geode details popping up in wedding and home decor lately. With a little investigation, you probably found that lots of these pieces aim to break your budget super-fast, so that’s why I’m hear to share the fruit of my trial-and-error labors. A word of warning: this project calls for Mod Podge super glossy and that comes with a four-week curing time (!!!), so if your wedding date is fast approaching, get started quickly so you have plenty of drying time!

To get these pretties going, grab a square or rectangular glass candle holder, pick out 4-5 colors of polymer clay from the same color family. You’ll want plenty of contrast with lights and darks. You’ll also need some glossy Mod Podge, a rolling pin (or empty wine bottle!), gold craft paint and a fine paint brush, coarse salt like rock salt or sea salt and a regular metal spoon.

agate geode DIY step oneStart by rolling each of your clay colors into individual snakes. For reference, a 4x4x4 cube takes about 2 1/2 total blocks of clay to cover. Twist all of the cords together into one and roll them into a ball. Let the colors get marbled, but don’t over-mix them. While you can still see the individual colors, roll them out into one flat sheet.

agate geode DIY step two

Wrap your clay sheet around the four sides of the candle holder, pressing the seams down with the back side of the spoon. Seal the top side down, making sure there is no air between the clay and the glass. You can save the extra clay for future projects.

Agate geode DIY step three

Choose a side to add your “crystal” and dig out an organic shape with the tip of your spoon, following the lines created in your clay for the most natural shape. You can see where I had a big spot that over-mixed and created an ugly, muddy color; this is the perfect way to get rid of something you don’t like! As you dig out the clay, make sure to press the edges down to seal it to the glass. Pop your candle holder in the oven according to the clay’s directions (usually about 15 minutes at 275). Your piece will be hot for about an hour, so this is a great time to practice if you’re hoping to make a large batch for your wedding!

agate geode DIY step four

Once your candle holder is cool enough to handle, take the gold paint, and trace around the edges of the hole you made. You can also add gold “veins” along some of the naturally occurring lines in the clay for some added sparkle!

agate geode DIY step 5

Once your gold paint is dry (which should only be a couple minutes), take your spoon and carefully drizzle a little of the Mod Podge into your cavern, but only fill it about half-way up.

agate geode DIY step six

Now we get to make the faux-crystal using salt! I had the most success by using a super-coarse rock salt around the edges, then sprinkling a coarse sea salt throughout and finishing with a more finely ground sea salt to fill in any gaps. Use your fingertip to press the salt into your Mod Podge and if anything still feels loose, you can drizzle more to set it. Once you have the crystal portion created, leave it flat and allow it to dry overnight.

agate geode DIY step seven

Once the crystal portion is sufficiently set, you can finish the entire piece with Mod Podge to give it a polished, shiny look. Just be aware that it takes about four weeks to cure and will need to be stored in a sealed container to keep it from accumulating dust. The best part is, these not only make gorgeous additions to your wedding tablescapes, but beautiful gifts, or even home decor to give you that sweet reminder of one of your best days ever!

agate geode DIY display

Have you tried this DIY? What colors did you use? We’d love to see the results in the comments below!

This DIY was originally posted on Little Wedding Extras and happily shared with BAB readers!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    Personalized Hand Fans by ModParty

    Personalized Hand Fans – Set of 24, $36 by Etsy seller ModParty

    If you’re anywhere in the U.S. right now, chances are it’s crazy hot. I’m talking sweating-while-you-dry-your-freshly-showered-hair kind of hot, coconut-oil-is-a-clear-liquid kind of hot, AC-on-full-blast-is-still-too-hot kind of hot. PSA, guys: HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE!

    But that brings me to today’s Broke-Ass Advice topic: How to keep cool at an outdoor wedding. Whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid or a bride, and the ceremony, reception or both are outdoors, these tips will help you to chill the heck out. 

    Throw Some Shade

    Some of these tips will work for you, and some won’t. I can almost guarantee, though, that there’s an easy way to create a little shade for at least a few people at a time at your wedding. Tie up a tarp, set up a small pop-up tent (with ventilation!), or hand out a bunch of dark umbrellas (YAY, physics!), and your guests will rave about your thoughtfulness.


    Yes, I realize I’m repeating myself, but I’ll be more specific this time, I promise. Offer your guests some good ole bottled H20 at their seats, in buckets near the aisle, or at the bar — even before it opens for the adult beverages. Fancy up the bottles with personalized labels, too! Recycle ’em, or to prevent plastic waste, give guests a reusable water bottle and then keep larger water coolers full throughout the day. For bonus points, add cooling infusers like cucumber, mint, lemon, lime or melon.

    Spice it up

    In some of the hottest parts of the world the preferred snacks for cooling down are spicy foods. Foods containing ginger or hot spices like chili raise your internal body temperature and make you sweat, which works to cool you down. So if cold sweets aren’t your thing, consider serving ginger-mint iced (or hot) tea, habanero salsa and chips or sriracha-honey popcorn, And be sure to warn guests that certain foods are spicy!

    Outsource It

    Normally I don’t recommend asking guests to DIY their own comfort at a wedding, but this is one of the exceptions. Offer your guests personal hand fans (accordion, wooden, paddlebattery-operated or phone operated) and they can cool off whenever they feel the need. No electricity required, custom “AC” on demand!

    Surprise ’em! 

    It’s okay to veer from tradition to keep your guests comfy on your wedding day. Set up a sprinkler away from the food and main areas. (But be sure to provide towels, if you do!) Serve chilled bisque or gazpacho soup shooter appetizers during the cocktail hour or even pass out popsicles or ice cream cones as guests are being seated for the ceremony. Offer cold cocktails, infused waters, virgin or boozy snow cones pre-ceremony, or have an ice cream truck arrive after dinner for a sweet surprise dessert.

    – Party on!


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    HeyShabbyMe Glam Squad Makeup Bag

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    Real Bride Lucinda married Chris under sunny skies and amidst a gorgeous northern Massachusetts backdrop in a classic wedding celebration. After DIYing some seriously huge aspects of her wedding -- including her wedding dress, veil, signage and paper flowers for decor -- the couple celebrated with family and friends while the talented Maria Burton Photography captured their day. In a typically super expensive wedding market (about $40K on…

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